Sunday, March 21, 2010

UMNO Demolishes Indian Motorcycle Workshop

If this is an Indian (with parang and axe) sure he will be dead on the spot shot by 'licensed killer ' of Malaysia, guess who?.

Hmmm! poor Indians.... education opportunity denied, business opportunity denied, no job in private sector nor in gov sector. What they(gov) expect indians to do ???? Crime??? So that they can shoot as they want and reduce indian population.

....and I bet you this will not happen to illegal workshop run by a Malay and Chinese.

UMNO demolishes Indian motorcycle workshop, denied opportunity for proper workshop

UMNO DBKL personnel even carried a Parang and was screaming away in the demolishment exercise. He had to be pacified by a policeman (see picture below). Some 30 motorcycles were damaged with an estimated loss of RM 15,000. This happened at Air Panas Setapak on 9/3/10.

A police report at Setapak No.3018/10 was lodged but zero action would be taken by UMNO as this is a part of UMNO’s racist and supremacist agenda.

Why didn’t UMNO offer this Indian man an alternative business option as they would have done so for almost all other Malay Muslims. One Malay-sia ?


Chairman HRP Setiawangsa

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