Tuesday, April 27, 2010

15 Years Old Shoot Dead by Police : Next What? 10 years old???

There is no age limit for police shoot and kill in Malaysia.

So whats next???
Is it could be :

10 Year old dangerous criminal Shoot Dead

Step 1) A boy suspect were behaving suspiciously.

Step 2) Police followed him

Step 3) He saw the police and run off.

Step 4) The police gave chase.

Step 5) The suspects urined at the police boot.

Step 6) Police in self defense shot back and the suspects were instantaneously killed in the encounter.

Step 7) The suspect alleged series of previous involvement in serious crimes.

Step 8 ) The police found a knife in his pocket

Step 9) The dead police murder victim are unable to defend himself and the public perception of this the cold blooded police murder is neutralized.

Hope such thing above won't happen. But if 15 years old (form 3) can be shoot 14 and less can become victim too.

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