Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hulu Selangor : Indians Vote Wisely!!!

Dear Ulu Selangor Indians please vote wisely. Think ! and Think and Think!

Even BN-MIC candidate Kamalanathan denied a place in local universities, until he have to do twinning degree program with private college. Why? Because he is an Indian. Anybody can deny this???

If only he graduated from local universities or a JPA scholars, nobody will question his degree's validity. Why UMNO never offered him any places in 11 universities available in Malaysia.

This is the truth. Umno-BN denied 99% of places for Malaysian Indian in Malaysian universities. Indians..... rich, middle class, gov servant or poor have no other choice but to take out their own money to study in private colleges. We have to wipe out BN-UMNO if we want to see justice prevails in Malaysia.

Indians - think before you vote

P Dev Anand Pillai
Apr 23, 10

It looks as though it is going to be a tough fight ahead for Hulu Selangor in the next few days till the 25th . The usual taunts and screaming of profanities has now turned to pushing, throwing of water bottles and even stones. This just goes to show that society is not going to take a politician speak sitting down anymore. The Indians would have to think before they vote.

It may sound very nostalgic and patriotic whenever there is an invite that Indians must vote for Indians only but by doing so, are we creating a better society? Are we making the government realise that Indians too are Malaysian citizens who deserve to be treated with fairness and equality?

Indians should consider these few issues before casting their votes this coming Sunday.

i) Ask yourselves how many Indian parents would have spent close to RM300,000- RM500,000 to educate their children in the field of medicine in universities around the world. Why can't our local universities create more places for Indian students to pursue medicine in Malaysia as long as they have the results that qualifies them? Think before you vote.

ii) Ask yourselves why must Tamil schools keep begging for funds. Aren't we Malaysian citizens who have a legitimate right to education in our mother-tongue? Isn't it the duty of the government of the day to provide for these schools? Why must political parties keep begging? It is the duty of any elected government to provide education for its population irregardless of race or religion.

If this segregation is continued, unity amongst the races is only superficial. If your Malay brethren are sons of the soil, then what are you? Did you drop from the sky? Aren't your parents Malaysians? Aren't your grandparents Malaysian? If the Indonesian and Bangladeshi who came yesterday can be treated like a Malay because they are married to Malay women, how different are you who has three to four generations of family ties in this country? Think before you vote.

iii) Ask yourselves why Indians are not being promoted in the civil service? Are we happy just being, sweepers, attendants, labourers, clerks, drivers and gardeners instead of being supervisors, managers, director-generals, headmasters, chief police officers, military top brass and at least as the chief judge of the High Court? Where are we today in the civil service? Do we still have to beg? Think before you vote.

iv) Ask yourselves why must the MIC be tasked to help the Indians when we - as legitimate Malaysian citizens - should be treated fairly and equally under the federal constitution and thus be allowed to apply for whatever the federal government is duty-bound to give to all Malaysian citizens? Why must a political party be tasked to do that? Why can't the federal government just treat us equally? How inferior are you from the rest of the Malaysians? Think before you vote.

v) Ask yourselves why must you run from civil courts to the syariah courts to get permission to bury the dead whose religion has come into question? Ask yourselves when there is no evidence of a name change on the MyKad, no certificate of conversion, no traces of practicing the religion that the poor deceased is supposed to have converted into and yet your poor deceased gets buried at a different cemetery.

Ask yourselves why do you have to fight for the custody of your children when they are your flesh and blood and born as Hindus before an irresponsible spouse decides to convert them? Think before you vote.

vi) Ask yourselves why are Indian boys most prone to become new recruits in the underworld? Where has the education system gone wrong? Where are the brave Indian male headmasters who used to send shivers down the spine of students with their strict discipline standards? What has happened to the opportunities for these youths that used to be there a few decades ago when it came to jobs and starting of small businesses?

Why must these boys be happy only being lorry drivers and point-men for the underworld kingpins? Won't the vicious cycle continue when they beget children? Think before you vote.

vii) Ask yourselves why are Hindu temples being torn down when they have been here since the time when there was a Hindu civilisation in the Bujang Valley in Merbok, Sungai Petani, Kedah? Aren't the Sri Vijaya and Majapahit empires Hindu empires? Wasn't Parameswara a Hindu? Have you conveniently forgotten your history? Or has history been distorted? Think before you vote.

Vote for the person that wants to bring about change in the system that will treat you as equals and not as an inferior race that needs to beg all your life. Indians, please stop being beggars and start being an equal.

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