Friday, April 23, 2010

Hulu Selangor : Who will get my vote???

If I am Ulu Selangor voter. I will definitely vote for ZAID.

Why?? not because he is from PKR but because his personality, capability and experience. His stand against ISA is really good point that all the voters of Ulu Selangor should consider. I believe he is the right candidate.

Why not Kamalanathan??? Well a few reason made me think he will be a tool of UMNO. A few things made me come to that conclusion:

1. He said the victory will be gift for najib. Means his intention only to please UMNO.

2. He openly support PERKASA. If tommorow PERKASA strike non-malays with racist agenda, Kamalanathan will support them blindly.

3. Kissing of hand shows the Master-SLave relation between MIC and UMNO. This goes very well with UMNO's slogan of "Ketuanan Melayu".

4. He might be lying about his education background. His degree might not be original because his name not found in university's web.

and many more. Kamalanathan is not sincere . He cannot serve the Ulu Selangor people. Kamal will only serve the UMNO masters.

I believe even Malay's will suffer if choose BN. Many Malay's kampungs too destroyed by UMNO's state gov before.

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