Monday, May 17, 2010

Sibu Election - PKR Losing Indians Support

Recent 2 by-elections shows that PKR need Indians vote to capture Putrajaya. The result also shows that PKR is rapidly losing support from Indian community.

In Sibu there is no Indians voter, majority is Chinese. Dap trough PKR have done a lot for Chinese community so they won.

But PKR-Dap lost in Ulu Selangor simply because they ignored indian's problem right from the beginning, plus labeling Indians as racist. PKR refuse to solve even a critical indian issue but trying to cover up things with announcing empty promises (just like what BN-UMNO did for past 50 years).

PKR and it's leaders must act now and fulfill what they promise the Indians during last GE if they want to see their dream comes true, that is capturing Putrajaya.

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