Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Suit Against the UK Government for Reparations

Today marks another day in the history of Malaysian Indians. In about 5 hours’ time a small number of well-wishers will accompany me in filing a suit against the UK Government for reparations. This claim seeks to hold the UK Government responsible for negligence in leaving behind the minority Indian community behind in the then Malaya without adequate protection in the new Malayan constitution. The British left us at the mercy of the majority racist Malay politicians who have suppressed oppressed and marginalized us for 54 years. We are not equal citizens of this country. We continue to live in indignity perpetually. That makes us a permanently colonised community. We will never achieve Merdeka until we are treated equally as a fellow human being in this country. We will hold the British responsible in their own court of Law. The biggest weapon we have to fight injustices , atrocities, oppression ect is by the might of our brain. As a minority community we would be overrun in the ballot boxes more so when we can’t form a single Parliamentary constituency despite more than 850,000 Indian voters on the list.

They can have the Parliament to legislate laws for themselves, the courts to imprison us, the Governments departments to marginalise us, the politicians (from both sides) to cheat us but they will never be able to challenge the intelligence of our brains.
This civil action would be the first of its kind to hold the former colonial empire which ruled half the world, responsible for its atrocities.
I initiate this action today on behalf of the poor and underclass only. Those voices that never reached the powers that be. The silent voices that shed tears in isolation. The voiceless who none cared about and seen as scum. The defenceless that was trampled upon by the rich and powerful.

I pay tribute to the hundreds of thousands of my forefathers who were conned into coming into Malaya up to 200 years ago, the unknown labourers who died in the journey, the weak and downtrodden who were promised good wages for hard labour, the thousands who died clearing Malayan jungle, the thousands died building roads, railways, Government buildings, the thousands died and shed blood in the new country of theirs- Malaya- in unmarked graves, our great grandfathers, great grandmothers, uncles aunties, brothers sisters both known and unknown to me and you. All you people who are oppressed are part of me and this case is about you who suffered and continue to suffer in this land known as Malaysia. Merdeka is meaningless to us so long as we are treated as second class citizens. So long as we are seen as inferiors. Our struggle is all about EQUALITY in Rights and Dignity. The neo- democratic revolution continues.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Promise made by PM Najib to Indian

A frustrated call from Indians of Malaysian to abandon Barisan National in coming general election is echoing in Facebook. As BN failed to provide basic need of an indian community, this government seems trying to cheat Malaysian Indians again by giving empty promises and goodies. BN mudah lupa, they forgot why thousands of Indians came to road protesting on Nov 25 rally.
Dear bro and sis,
Shocking to know this morning that promise made by PM Najib that 1559 seats will be given to indian students was not not fulfilled. Hundreds of our student with 8As 9As and even 11As are denied their entries. Even their appeals were rejected with no explanation given. Many indian parents are very angry when MIC announced that only 700 places are taken. MIC seems to no explanation why many qualified students rejected but some unqualified students were given place. We demand what is we are promised of. We are not grabbing those privilege place of the Malay students, but we are only demanding UMNO BN to fulfill its promise. UMNO BN is not seems to be learning anything from the 25 nov rally. As a third generation of Malaysian, I m calling all indians to reject MIC Its BN allies in next general election. Enough is enough. We had given them 54 years of hope for better government, but they still treat us like third class citizen. Hope that all will support the Malaysian Indian Education Transformation Association who has took up the struggle our students in their matriculation issue. Let's give them our hands too.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Malaya S. A. Ganapathy:  89 Estate Strikes in 1947 - An Average ofTwo Stri...

Malaya S. A. Ganapathy:  89 Estate Strikes in 1947 - An Average ofTwo Stri...:  89 Estate Strikes in 1947 - An Average of Two Strikes Weekly There was a reason for eliminating two top leaders of Pan Malayan Federation o...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

PTPTN Beku Pinjaman UNISEL

Satu tindakan yang tidak bertanggungjawab oleh PTPTN. Dalam mainan politik, pelajar dijadikan mangsa. 

Tindakan ini pasti membangkitkan kemarahan rakyat dan seterusnya menyokong PKR.

Marahkan pijat kelambu dibakar. Lagi pening laa BN.